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CASE: L.C VS. E.S – 2017

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Child Removal, International Custody, Parenting Time

This was a case which made local, national and international headlines. It span over several countries and took more than 5 years to resolve. During those 5 years, the mother did not allow the father or her brother to see her. She kept on feeling around the world to make sure the father does not have a relationship with his daughter. At the time we won the court battle, the 8 year old daughter did not even recognize her father.

The Story: 

The mother and the father were married in Taiwan and had two children together. After they got divorced, they got along and co-parented the children together. When conflict arose:

  • The mother fled with the children from Taiwan to Hong Kong
  • The father started court proceedings against the mother in Taiwan and obtained custody of his son.
  • The mother though denied that the father was the parent of the daughter. She kept the daughter in Hong Kong and just before the court prevented her from flying anywhere with the child, she fled to Canada.
  • It took the father 5 long years to finally obtain a custody order for the daughter from the Taiwanese courts.
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