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TING VS. WONG – 2017

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In yet another groundbreaking case in 2017, YLaw was able to obtain more than $116,000 in contempt fines in addition to special costs. This marks the highest family law contempt award in the history of British Columbia. 

The Story – Contempt of Multiple Court Orders

Ms. T’s story was heartbreaking but beautiful at the end. She was left alone with her two children more than 20 years ago. Her husband left her and the children in BC and went to Taiwan. Then he would only appear occasionally to put his children down and provide no emotional, physical or much financial support to them.

He had a Master’s Degree from Duke’s university, was a stock broker, and the director on multiple corporations both in the U.S. and in Taiwan. The case was worth multiple millions of dollars.  Mr. Wong didn’t want his wife and children to have much of his money. Ms. T started litigation against her husband in 2011 and the case took 4 years to resolve. But even when everyone thought it was over, Ms. T realized it wasn’t and she was duped into a settlement.

How it All Started

On the day of their family law trial, Ms. T and her husband entered into an agreement that said they would both obtain half of each other’s assets in Canada and globally. Mr. Wong got half of the assets in BC, but he didn’t allow Ms. T to find out about or obtain 50% of his assets in Taiwan and United States.

Thereafter, Leena went to court at least 9 times to address Mr. Wong’s contempt of the agreement and the consent Order. The case was made much more difficult because Leena had to apply to reverse the final agreement/court order in order to make sure Ms. T now obtains 100% of the assets in Canada because Mr. Wong would not give her half of his assets in Taiwan.

Through insatiable efforts, Leena was able to get Ms. Ting over $700,000 in fines, child support, allocation of family property and special costs. The case finally ended in 2017 after almost 7 years of litigation.

Ms. T remains one of Leena’s best clients. She was humble, calm, peaceful and beautiful no matter what lemons life threw at her. Her case always makes Leena appreciate why she is in family law and why she loves her job no matter how difficult it is.


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