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Why choose Legal Shield ?

Before Legal Shield

Legal issues can be complicated and frustrating to deal with. Asking your friend or relative who is a lawyer to help is not ideal for solving your legal problems quickly and efficiently.

With Legal Shield

Our plans are designed to free up your valuable time and energy spent in dealing with unfamiliar legal issues. You can focus on what matters the most instead, making more money!

30 days money back guarantee

We are confident that you will be happy with our legal services. However, if for any reason you decide you want to cancel your Legal Shield plan within 30 days of your payment, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.

Cancel anytime with 30 days notice

Legal Shield is a monthly legal subscription service. You may cancel or upgrade your plan at any time by giving us 30 days written notice. For Legal Shield plans that require upfront annual payment, we will refund your advanced payment on a pro-rated basis.

The benefits of Legal Shield


Peace of mind

Partners for your business

Flexibility for your business

Save money in the long run

Fixed monthly budget for legal fees

Prevention is cheaper than cure


About Legal Shield

What exactly is Legal Shield?

Legal Shield is a powerful and affordable monthly legal subscription service provided by Darryl, Edward & Co., a registered corporate law firm under the Malaysian Bar Council.

Legal Shield is able to fulfill most legal needs of your business and is accessible by anyone including small to large enterprises.

The term for each of our Legal Shield plans is for a period of 1 year. However, you may cancel your Legal Shield plan at anytime during the term by giving us 30 days notice. You can learn more about how to cancel your Legal Shield plan by reading the FAQ ‘How do I cancel my Legal Shield plan?’.

What problems can Legal Shield solve?

  • Do you frequently encounter legal issues in the course of running your business? Did you wish there was a lawyer available to you during such times to help you navigate such issues without incurring exorbitant legal fees?
  • Do you appreciate having a lawyer as an integral part of your team and business but simply do not have the budget to engage an in-house counsel or lawyers for costly piecemeal advice?
  • Is your in-house counsel overwhelmed with daily operational issues or simply does not have the expertise to properly advise you on many areas of law?
  • In retrospect, could you have avoided certain legal issues and heavy financial losses if you were properly advised?

Our Legal Shield plans may just be the answer to your problems above!

What is not included in my Legal Shield plan?

Without limitation, the following will be out of scope work:-

  • any matter or transaction not specifically included in your Legal Shield plan;
  • transactions specifically governed by the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order 2005 (as may be amended, supplemented or superseded from time to time), including but not limited to transactions for the sale or purchase of property, loan agreements, leases, tenancies and etc.;
  • attending to any company secretarial, human resources, taxation, financial and accounting matters;
  • preparing, drafting, issuing and/or fairing of cause papers, court attendances and all other incidentals for or in connection with any legal disputes, dispute resolution or such other contentious matters;
  • attending to any litigation, arbitration or such other court proceedings;
  • attending to any merger & acquisition exercise, legal due diligence exercise, initial public offering, reverse take-over, pre-listing, corporate restructuring, regularization matters or any other exercise not within the ordinary course of business;
  • attending to the preparation or review of circulars and prospectus as required under Bursa Malaysia’s Listing Requirements;
  • attending meetings with the relevant authorities and/or relevant parties in relation to any of the above; and

All out of scope work will be billed separately and we will have prior discussions with you on our fee for attending to the same.

Why did you create Legal Shield?

Simple, we noticed that many of the costly and disruptive legal issues faced by our clients could have been avoided if they were properly advised from the beginning. We created Legal Shield to address our market demand for affordable, efficient and quality legal services.

Can you create a special plan to address my needs?

Definitely! We want to ensure that our service offers best value for our clients. Our team will be able to build and customise a Legal Shield plan works for you. Speak to us to build your customised Legal Shield plan that works for your business and budget.

Pricing of Legal Shield

Are there any additional charges?

The prices quoted does not include additional taxes imposed by the Government of Malaysia (currently 6% Sales and Service Tax) and disbursements. Disbursements includes but is not limited to costs such as photocopying, postage and delivery of documents, travelling to locations not included in your plan, Government fees etc. We will always notify you in advance before incurring significant disbursement costs.

What is your billing interval?

For annual plans, we will bill you upfront for 12 months of service.

For monthly plans, we will bill you on a monthly basis on the first week of each month.

What if I am late on my monthly payment?

You are encouraged to keep us informed if you are facing cash flow issues or financial difficulties. As your counsel and business partner, we are committed to weather through any storm with you.

If you have not given us any satisfactory reason for late payment, we reserve the right to impose late payment interest in accordance with the terms and conditions of our letter of engagement.

How do you keep pricing of your Legal Shield plans low?

With a stable cash flow afforded to us through fixed monthly payments, we are able to focus the majority of our resources on what matters, your legal issues; not securing more clients.

Additionally, with our long-standing relationship, our lawyers gain an in-depth understanding of your business. With this understanding, we are able to solve your legal issues efficiently and expediently without sacrificing our quality of service.

What are the payment methods available?

We accept payment by bank transfer and cheque. Additional payment methods will be made available in the future.

About Knowledge Center

What exactly is Knowledge Center?

Knowledge Center is an online database containing our latest legal updates and precedents in areas of law relating to running of a business and is accessible by all our Legal Shield clients.

Knowledge Center is designed to provide all our Legal Shield clients with the tools and knowledge to solve legal problems that are commonly encountered in the course of running a business under our supervision.

How do I access my Knowledge Center account?

Step One: After signing our letter of engagement and making the necessary payment, we will issue you a unique Login ID and Login Password.

Step Two: Click the Login button on the top right corner of any page on our website. You will be redirected to our Knowledge Center home page.

Step Three: Login our Knowledge Center by using the Login ID and Login Password provided to you.

Our Knowledge Center is designed to be very user friendly. If you have trouble using Knowledge Center, feel free to contact us during our working hours for assistance.

What is included in Knowledge Center?

The legal precedents and updates we provide in Knowledge Center covers the following areas of law:-

  1. residential and commercial tenancies;
  2. employment matters; and
  3. corporate and commercial matters.

Additional legal updates and precedents will be made available from time to time upon reasonable request.

How do I use Knowledge Center effectively?

The following example illustrates how to use Knowledge Center effectively:-

Case Study:-

Mr. Kong is the sole proprietor of Kong Enterprise and has subscribed for Starter Legal Shield Plan. Mr. Kong is not happy with his employee, Mr. Looi, as Mr. Looi is constantly absent from work without any justification. Mr. Kong is now considering the possibility of terminating the employment of Mr. Looi.


Mr. Kong can try to look up for our legal precedents concerning the termination of employment in our Knowledge Center. However, for even quicker results, Mr. Kong is strongly encouraged to call us immediately and discuss his issue with us. Our qualified lawyer will be glad to give Mr. Kong practical legal advise on how to properly terminate Mr. Looi and how to use the documents in Knowledge Center correctly. Most of the legal precedents we provide in Knowledge Center are simple to use and only require change of individual particulars and date. Mr. Kong will also be encouraged to let us review each Knowledge Center document he intends to issue to Mr. Looi before doing so. All the above-mentioned services provided by us to Mr. Kong are included in Mr. Kong’s Starter Legal Shield Plan and no extra charges will be imposed.

Can I share my Knowledge Center account with others?

No. Only authorised employee(s) of your company/organisation should be given access. Allowing any other third party to access our Knowledge Center would be a breach of the terms and conditions of our letter of engagement.

Subscribing for Legal Shield

How do I subscribe for a Legal Shield Plan?

Step one: Confirm the ideal Legal Shield plan for your business. To do this, you can contact us by:-

      1. scheduling a free consultation with us by submitting the form below this page; or
      2. chatting with us directly on Whatsapp by clicking the Whatsapp icon on the bottom left corner of this page.

Step two: After selecting your Legal Shield plan, we will prepare a draft letter of engagement for your review. We will go through the terms and conditions contained in the letter of engagement with you before asking you to sign off.

Step three: Your business protection under our Legal Shield plan will commence on the commencement date as stated in our letter of engagement.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Legal Shield plan?

Upgrade: You can upgrade your Legal Shield plan anytime by giving us immediate notice. As a token of our appreciation for your confidence in us, we will not charge you for the first monthly fee payable for the upgraded Legal Shield plan. You will only need to pay us the original monthly fee of your old Legal Shield plan.

Downgrade: Due to the way our Legal Shield plans are crafted, we generally do not allow Legal Shield plans to be downgraded. However, we will consider your request on a case-by-case basis. Do take note that you can always cancel your Legal Shield plan by giving us 30 days advance notice.

How do I cancel my Legal Shield plan?

You can cancel your Legal Shield plan by giving us 30 days written notice by email. This means that your Legal Shield plan will be cancelled 30 days after the day you have emailed us your cancellation notice. Our final invoice will be issued to you within 2 weeks from the date of cancellation of your Legal Shield plan.

Does your Legal Shield plan cover all my companies?

Subject to the terms and conditions of our letter of engagement, our Legal Shield plans will cover all companies that are controlled by the same company. If you have special needs, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you. However, do take note that additional charges will be imposed (subject to mutual agreement) if the scope of work under your Legal Shield plan is exceeded.

Do I get any additional benefits for subscribing?

We are happy to give preferential rates (subject to compliance of relevant rules and regulations relating to discounting of legal fees) to supportive and loyal clients.

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